Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

IN a fond tribal cousin-ship expression, the family of late President Rupiah Banda has directed that there should be no white powder or substances at the funeral house.

Family spokesperson Fisho Mwale gave the ‘directive’ this afternoon when addressing the media who asked him how far the traditional cousin-ship extends between the Easterners and Northerners in light of the death of Mr Banda, who hailed from the East.

Following the death of Mr Banda, the Northerners have vowed to ‘dress and smear’ their tribal cousins, the Easterners, with white powder as part of mourning.

But in jest, Mr Mwale directed that no powder or white substance will be allowed at Belvedere lodge, the funeral house for the late President, who fondly joked with Northerners including late President Michael Sata.

“Napapata, nipempa, [I am pleading with you Northerners] if they start throwing powder at me, how will i do my job [as family spokesperson]?”, Mr Mwale said.

Tribal cousin-ship has been Zambia’s national unity glue since records began.

It is ‘breathed and lived’ at our markets, in the workplace, in school, on public transport, radio and television, everywhere.

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