By Paul Shalala-

Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner General FREDERICK CHILUKUTU says the reforms which have been implemented in the past two years have created a humane environment for inmates.

Mr. CHILUKUTU says inmates in Correctional Facilities now have access to bunk beds and mattresses which were not there in the past.

Speaking when President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA visited Lusaka Central Correctional Center yesterday, Mr. CHILUKUTU said the reforms pushed by President HICHILEMA will have far reaching benefits to the inmates.

He revealed that so far, 50,000 blankets and 27,000 mattresses have been distributed to correctional facilities countrywide and the exercise is ongoing.

Mr. CHILUKUTU said the aim of the reforms is to ensure that one day, each inmate will have their own bed and mattress.

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