Governance Activist Isaac Mwanza is concerned that the country`s political environment has in the recent past been characterized by hate speech, mudslinging and abuse of human rights.
Mr. Mwanza tells Phoenix News that the current happenings in the political arena such as numerous arrests, alleged police brutality and prolonged detention of suspects do not represent the country`s democratic dispensation or the change that Zambians hoped for when they voted for a new government.
He is therefore calling on President Hakainde Hichilema to provide leadership and direct the police to ensure people`s freedom and rights are enjoyed while advising the opposition to engage in constructive criticism of the government.
Mr. Mwanza says there is need for politicians from both the ruling party and the opposition to engage in constructive dialogue and work together towards addressing the challenges the country is currently facing.
He has since called on the church to urgently call for dialogue among politicians in order to promote co-existence and tolerance in the political arena.

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