(ZANIS) President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA says the Saudi – Africa Summit should translate into economic and social benefits for Africa and Saudi Arabia.

President HICHILEMA has also commended the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Initiative meant to strengthen cooperation with Africa which he said is in line with the continent’s aim of engaging various partners in the quest for development.

ZANIS reports that President HICHILEMA said this when he addressed the inaugural Saudi – Africa Summit that has attracted 53 African countries.

President HICHILEMA said the partnership between Africa and Saudi Arabia must focus on realising Africa’s potential in different sectors arising from natural endowments.

The President said Africa has the critical minerals required for future energy needs, green energy and green economies.

He said the untapped potential Africa has in agriculture can significantly contribute to World Food security.

President HICHILEMA also highlighted the potential for renewable energy that requires investment.

The President commended the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its peace-making missions within the Middle East and beyond the region.

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