Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Edgar Chagwa Lungu shares..

Today, I wish to respond to Gillan Hachinda, who posted on my page, expressing concern about our hard economy.

I have reflected on his post, but I also know that Gillan is not the only citizen affected by the economic challenges facing our country. I also read similar sentiments from Joseph Skill Moonga and Violet Kabamba Sichula, who complained about the high prices of commodities.

I know there are many Gillans out there, and my message to you is that the PF government is not blind or deaf to your plight.

The PF government set our economy on a growth trajectory, anchored on improved infrastructure, but like many global economies, our gains have been pushed back by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The global economy shrunk by 4.4 percent last year, but it is now showing a positive outlook. And we have a clear vision to steer our country to a brighter economic future.

One of the solutions as provided in our party manifesto is the economic recovery plan.

We are also going to implement a 24-hour economy, with industries running on three shifts.

This we believe will increase production and create more jobs for our citizens.

Obviously this is only possible because of the stable electricity supply being experienced enabled by our reforms in the energy sector.

We are determined to steer this ship around.

Our vision is clear and our future is bright.

Let’s build the future we want together.





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