Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

By Mastone Moonze

The Governance, Elections, Advocacy And Research Services -GEARS- initiative says the postponement of the Mongu district council chairperson by-election and two local government by-elections in Luwingu and Monze by the electoral commission of zambia is illegal as it has no backing of the law.

GEARS Executive director MacDonald Chipenzi says section 57 of the electoral process act no. 35 of 2016 is very clear on the postponement of an election as it stipulates that the commission may postpone the polling day of a by-election if it is satisfied that the postponement is necessary for ensuring a free and fair election or the polling day shall fall within the period required by the postponement of a by-Election.

Mr. Chipenzi has wondered how the ECZ has postponed the by elections this time around when campaigns were allowed to continue during the mourning period of late Founding President Kenneth David Kaunda last year.

Reacting to the decision by the ECZ to postpone the three by elections that were scheduled to take place on aril 7th to 14th April in observance of the national mourning for late former President Rupiah Banda, Mr. Chipenzi insists that this decision is setting a very bad precedent as it will create challenges in future elections.

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