By Ruth Chayinda

Chief Government Spokesperson CORNELIUS MWEETWA says the decision by the Registrar of Societies to give political parties a 60-day ultimatum to hold conventions is within the provision of the law.

Speaking when he met heads of media houses in Lusaka today, Mr. MWEETWA said the pronouncement is in accordance with the mandate of the Registrar of Societies and within the confines of the law.

He said political parties are creatures of the law and therefore it is inevitable for the registrar of societies to demand for the compliance by all political parties.

Mr. MWEEWTA, who is also Information and media Minister, said he however expects political parties to hold their conventions in a democratic manner.

He said Zambia is a democratic state and leaders that assume office should be chosen through the ballot as they go to conventions.

MEANWHILE, Mr. MWEETWA has urged the media fraternity to come up with legislation that will allow for self regulation.

He said doing so will promote ethical conduct and professionalism in the industry.

Mr. MWEETWA said currently, the industry has seen people that are not trained in journalism reporting which should be curtailed as there is no platform to hold them accountable.

Mr. MWEETWA said his ministry is committed to upholding freedom of the press and media and further assured that the UPND Government will guard jealously the rights of media houses.

And Mr. MWEETWA said Government is actively reviewing the ZNBC and IBA Acts.

He said the ministry is also in the process of developing a communication strategy which is already in its draft stage.

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