Chingola Member of Parliament, CHIPOKA MULENGA says ZAMBIANS have started realizing that the former ruling party has no future.

Mr MULENGA says the UPND government has become more attractive because it is delivering in all sectors.

He explained that government wants to work with everyone and has encouraged UPND members and officials to ensure that all those joining the movement are welcomed.

Mr MULENGA was speaking when over 100 members from the Patriotic Front defected and joined the ruling party.

And leading the defectors, MOSES MUSHIKA, who is former PF youth Chairperson for Chingola Constituency, said the group has decided to leave the PF due to its alleged failure to ensure proper leadership.

But when contacted PF National Youth Chairperson CHRISTOPHER KAN’GOMBE said politics of defections are long gone.

Mr. KAN’GOMBE said in as much as the people leaving the PF have the right to political belonging, they should explain to the people why they are making such moves because they ruling party has not delivered as promised.

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