The opposition Patriotic Front has condemned the ruling UPND for allegedly shielding its cadres who are harassing innocent citizens in markets, bus stations and selected residential areas of Lusaka.
Reacting to a statement by UPND Lusaka Province Chairman Obvious Mwaliteta who has accused PF carders of masquerading as UPND cadres and harassing people in some parts of Lusaka, PF Lusaka Province Chairman Christopher Shakafuswa has advised the UPND to demonstrate their seriousness in fighting Caderism by arresting those that are masquerading as their members.
In a statement, Mr. Shakafuswa says instead of merely putting blame on the PF which has nothing to do with the new form of caderism in the UPND, the ruling party must swiftly work towards protecting the general citizenry from these acts of lawlessness.
He has since condemned the lawlessness promoted by Mr. Mwaliteta in the video circulating on social media where he is erroneously instructing his Youth Chairman to go out and harass people in markets and bus stations and advised him to let the police do their work by restoring order in these public places.

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