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Over sixty workers of Mwamona Engineering Limited who were working from the SOB at Mopani Copper Mines in Kitwe have threatened legal action against PF member CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI.

The workers have alleged that they are owed over K2.5 in three months salary arrears by MWAMONA Engineering a company which belongs to Mr. KAMBWILI.

One of the workers PATRICK KATEBE said Mr. KAMBWILI has not been paying them full salaries from the time they started working in 2021 as he claimed that his company was not getting payments on time owing to slow operations at Mopani Copper Mines.

Another worker EVERISTO LWIZI also urged Mr. KAMBWILI to pay them their salary arrears failure to which they will seek legal action.

And Kitwe District Commissioner LAWRENCE MWANZA has urged Mr. KAMBWILI to pay the workers because Mopani Copper Mines has paid him two hundred and eighty thousand United States Dollars they owed to him.

However Mr. KAMBWILI in a telephone interview with ZNBC News in Kitwe has denied owing any money to the workers.

He said he cannot pay the workers what they are claiming as they did not meet their targets according to their employment contracts and has challenged them to go to court.

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