By Hannock Kasama

Clerk of the National Assembly ROY NGULUBE says Parliament does NOT concern itself   with the intra-party manner in which the election of the Leader of the Opposition is conducted.

Mr. NGULUBE says the role the Speaker of the National Assembly is merely to authenticate the appointment and announce to Parliament and the country.

He says in the case of Mafinga Member of Parliament ROBERT CHABINGA’s appointment as Leader of the Opposition, the Speaker received a letter from Patriotic Front Secretary General, MORGAN NG’ONA.

Mr. NGULUBE says before announcing the changes, the Office of the Clerk wrote to the Registrar of Societies to confirm the Office bearers of the PF.

He told ZNBC News in a statement that the Registrar of Societies confirmed being in receipt of NEW office bearers, among them Mr. NG’ONA as Secretary General.

Mr. NGULUBE said this has been the precedence since the enactment of the constitution in 2016, where names of appointed Leaders of the Opposition are communicated by Party Secretaries General to the office of the Speaker of the National Assembly.

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