Over 500 Small Scale Miners Completely Shut Down Operations Due To Covid-19

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By Michael Kaluba


The resurgence of the covid-19 pandemic has prolonged the turmoil that has befallen the emeralds and semi-precious stones mining industry in Zambia which has had no auctions since 2019 due to lockdowns in various parts of the world.

Emeralds and Semi-Precious Stones Mining Association of Zambia -ESMAZ- President Victor Kalesha says over 500 small scale miners have completely shut down operations since 2019 due to lack of investors and Indian buyers to take part in auctions, largely due to the lockdown in India and other parts of Asia.

Mr. Kalesha has told phoenix business news that Kariba minerals and Kagem mining limited have shut down completely with grizzly mining limited currently operating at half capacity while Tubombeshe, a Chinese owned mine is also not operational as the owners are yet to return from china since early last year.

He adds that his association members who include miners, dealers and allied workers have not benefited from the k10 billion stimulus package that the government announced in April last year and has bemoaned the lack of support for the emeralds and semi-precious stones sub-sector which continues to face various challenges.



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