Government has launched the Human Papilloma Virus-HPV- vaccination campaign targeting over 1.4 million girls from all districts across the country aged 9 to 14 years.
Speaking during the launch in Lusaka this morning, Acting Health Minister Charles Milupi says the campaign which will be conducted from today 25th–30th September 2023 is aimed at expanding access to prevention of HPV infections as well as contributing towards the control of cervical cancer in Zambia.
Mr. Milupi indicates that Zambia records more than 3000 new cervical cancer cases every year and more than 1900 women die annually from this sexually transmitted disease.
He says government recognizes the importance of improving HPV vaccinations as an initial step towards achieving the cervical cancer elimination agenda and to fight this vice, government is considering a number of measures which include lowering the age of eligibility for vaccines, transitioning into continuous routine HPV vaccination services among others to create a healthier environment for women.

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