Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

The Bemba speaking people have a powerful adage which says “Ulelila tabamucheba pakanwa” The UPND wishes to advise Zambians to look at the lamentations of the defeated PF with this adage in mind because the party wants to blame everyone and not themselves for their electoral defeat courtesy of the people of Zambia.

We have noticed some reckless statements coming from the rank and file of the PF against the UPND led government with their Secretary General Hon Nickson Chilangwa freely convening a women’s conference in Ndola to disparage the UPND and its leadership in government.

How can the PF today insult the intelligence of Zambians who democratically elected the UPND into office by insinuating that the then opposition political party corrupted its way into government.

Who doesn’t know how much the PF attempted to manipulate the elections from the imbalance in the NRCs issuance to suppression of voters registration in certain regions of our country?

While we agree that the PF has the right to cry and lament, we urge them not to remind the Zambians of their brutal and dictatorial regime at the time when the citizenry are getting used to freedoms under the UPND.

We urge the PF to remain grateful and thank the Head of State President Hakainde Hichilema who has provided a peaceful environment for them to be freely assembling and continue mourning their loss, an opportunity which they never accorded others.

During the brutal PF rule, that whole venue for yesterday’s meeting in Ndola would have been a war zone raining teargas with the leaders locked up in police custody for more than a week without a charge.

Unfortunately this is the freedom the PF leadership is now abusing to the extent of insulting and demeaning the Head of State in their forums.

It is however gratifying to note and assure the nation which include PF leaders that the UPND led government will not sink so low as to reduce the space for free thinkers but will allow people such as Hon Chilangwa and Nakacinda to freely express themselves as it is their democratic right.

Ours is to continue and concentrate on the development agenda as espoused in our manifesto because that is what Zambians expect us to do between now and 2026.

We shall not let you down. For those still want to mourn,we have invoked Constitutional provisions of part three which guarantees you freedoms to assemble and freely express. For us it is still Zambia Forward.

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