Centre for Policy Dialogue Executive Director Caroline Katotobwe has charged that Zambia’s democracy has in the last two years been used as an excuse to commit illegalities by the opposition.
Reacting to the arrest of socialist party leader Fred M’membe and high patriotic front officials on different charges this week, Ms Katotobwe says the opposition should not cry foul because they abrogated the law in their activities.
Ms Katotobwe tells Phoenix News that it is unacceptable to act in a lawless manner while expecting to go scout free and when called out by law enforcement agencies, the opposition has the tendency of complaining and claiming that the country’s democratic space is shrinking.
She has reminded the opposition that Zambia is currently enjoying the restoration of the rule of law after a long time, which must not be taken advantage of.
And Anti-Voter Apathy Project -AVAP- Executive Directive Richwell Mulwani has advised the opposition to help the UPND administration in governing the country by offering checks and balances that do not abrogate the law.

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