By Michael Kaumba

Government has urged mining firms to familiarise themselves with the soon to be implemented Environmental Protection Act to avoid falling into conflict with the law.

Green Economy and Environment Minister COLLINS NZOVU says the amended act has severe penalties for those abrogating the law.

Mr. NZOVU says while government is encouraging investments into the country, there is need for investors to respect the laws of the land.

The Minister said this when he inspected Consolidated Gold Mining and Exploration Limited in MUMBWA District where workers were found working without personal protective equipment.

And Consolidated Gold Mining and Exploration Limited General Manager MUHAMED ABUL ALI apologised to the minister saying his firm would attend to all issues raised.

And at Work Man Exploration and Mining Limited, Mr. NZOVU wondered why the firm has not acquired proper documentation for its mining activities.

The minister asked the mine Managing Director ALBERT CHITONA to quickly apply for the necessary papers to enable his company continue with its operations.

The Minister has since tasked the two companies to work on all matters raised during his inspection visit, saying he would return to check on their compliance levels.

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