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Green Economy and Environment Minister COLLINS NZOVU has directed the ZAMBIA Environmental Management Agency -ZEMA- to effect a compliance order against JMFA Steel of Chambeshi for  abrogation of environmental laws.

Mr NZOVU has wondered why ZEMA has not applied the law despite JMFA Steel being found in serious breach of the law on polluting the environment and not providing Personal Protective Equipment for the workers.

The Minister said from his observations it is clear that the steel making company is one of the worst polluters of the environment he has ever come across in his portfolio.

Me NZOVU, who was speaking when he paid an impromptu visit to JMFA Steel, queried ZEMA Inspector SAMPA CHELLA why it has taken inspectors seven years and his intervention to effect the compliance order.

And JMFA General Manager JINLONG LUO said the firm has started replacing old equipment at the plant and will make sure it meets the demands set out by ZEMA.

Mr JINLONG could, however, not explain why workers were not being provided with the protective clothing.

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