No Deputy Ministers in Bill Ten -Tutwa

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Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube says clauses that have been rejected by the people are not part of Constitutional Amendment Bill Number ten, which will be presented in Parliament this afternoon.

Mr. Ngulube says it is wrong to allege that the Bill seeks to introduce Deputy Ministers and other clauses which were rejected by the people.

He says the PF will only support clauses that will benefit the masses.

Mr. Ngulube says when passed the Bill will facilitate for the creation of more constituencies, among others.

He says there is a deliberate agenda to mislead the public by some Non-Governmental Organization on the matter.

Mr. Ngulube told Znbc News that Zambians should take time and read the content of the bill as opposed to listening to what others are saying.

He said those who still have issues can approach parliament and their concerns will be taken on board.


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