By Paul Shalala

A local nongovernmental organization which provides literacy lessons for circumstantial children in correctional facilities has commended President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA for his commitment in attending to the welfare of children in correctional facilities.

President HICHILEMA yesterday directed the Ministries of Home Affairs and Internal Security and Justice to find a safe environment for female inmates with Circumstantial Children.

Mother of Millions Foundation, which runs literacy lessons for children at Correctional Facilities in five provinces, says the move will help the children grow up away from correctional facilities environment.

Mother of Millions Foundation founder FAITH KALUNGIA says Circumstantial Children grow up with the trauma and anger in prison and chances are high that they may not have a normal life.

Mrs. KALUNGIA has told ZNBC News that her organization has been advocating for a safe house for female inmates with Circumstantial Children.

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