Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

By Chishala KATEKA – New Heritage party president

The New Heritage Party (NHP) stands for Zambians taking ownership of their economic, political and social destiny.

To achieve this, the NHP president and party believe that our nation needs to garner every demographic representation from all our 18+ million Zambian people.

We are conscious that such representation cannot and does not reside in one single party and that we therefore must, consciously, find deliberate ways to introduce such representation.

In saying this, we wish to stress the fact that NHP is Zambia-focused, rather than just party-focused. The interests of the nation come before those of the NHP.

We at NHP are also both mindful and respectful of the heart for the nation’s real issues, and the sober well thought through rhetoric demonstrated by some mature opposition leaders regarding those national issues.

We are committed to be part of opening up the political landscape for all Zambians and therefore to this end, announce that the NHP is endorsing the PNUP’s candidate in the Mongu Mayoral elections.

We respect the PNUP as a party and trust that their representative, working as per the party’s intentions for Zambia, will contribute to the balance that Zambians need for their development.

The time has come for Zambians to benefit from balanced and inclusive politics as opposed to divisive politicking and personalities. In everything, we at the NHP stand for the larger picture of Zambia beyond the vehicle of our party to let Zambians win.


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