Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

By Radicar farmer

The day i will never forget in farming, when you are starting especially if you are headed somewhere, you will be a laughing stock. Trust me and trust the process you can’t make in farming within a year, there is quite alot to learn and do. Many of us get discouraged too early. We want fast results you wont get that in farming you have to be patient start small but think big.

This day a computer engineer was happily caring grapes cuttings, he was happy because he knew the value of the cuttings i was telling myself I’m carrying corolla. These very cuttings in my hands where very precious and i wasn’t ashamed.

Words of discouragement came as i was heading home to propagate, one guy saw me and said, Mr Abel are you going to make a bed with those leaves, i felt my bones freeze, he wasn’t asking genuinely he was tizzing and downgrading what i was doing and carrying, truth be told i was hate but didn’t back down.

in my heart i said one day i will employee you! you see as you do what so ever you do you will have setbacks and attacks from people you expect to support you. They will say what so ever comes their throats, please let them not let you down, do your job so well patiently and diligently one day you will make it even better than me.

i didn’t just mushroom i have been in this game for some time now and i thank God for leading me and guiding me each day, am happy that I’m still doing the same course, i love organic farming.

Do you know that i started Organic Farming from the backyard 5 years ago, i never thought i would reach this far, i was just doing it for the family. When I look back I can say great is Thy Faith fullness Dear Lord.

Keep going you will get somewhere believe in yourself and love what you do.

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