By Masauso Mkwayaya

The National Assembly of Zambia has acknowledged receipt of a letter from Patriotic Front -PF- Secretary General MORGAN NG’ONA on the appointment of Mafinga Member of Parliament ROBERT CHABINGA as the new Leader of the Opposition.

This is according to a letter by Clerk of the National Assembly ROY NGULUBE addressed to current leader of the opposition BRIAN MUNDUBILE.

Mr. NGULUBE said Mr. MUNDUBILE will be informed on the next course of action.

The clerk has however stated that based on precedence, the National Assembly has always been guided by the secretary general of the political party on the name of the person appointed as leader of the opposition.

He said in this case the National Assembly was in receipt of a letter from Mr. MORGAN NG’ONA Secretary General of the PF, appointing Mr. CHABINGA as leader of the opposition.

Mr. NGULUBE further noted that the National Assembly is aware of the Constitutional provisions regarding the appointment of a Leader of the Opposition.

He however emphasized that the manner in which the Leader of the Opposition is elected is NOT of concern to the National Assembly as it is an internal matter of the Political party concerned.

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