Government says it is aware of the food security situation in Namwala district and that NO one will starve.

Southern Province Minister CREDO NANJUWA says  through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit -DMMU- government will provide relief food to families that need help.

Mr NANJUWA was responding to the report given to him by District Commissioner EPHRAIN SHANDAVU, when he called on him today in Maala in Namwala District.

Mr SHANDAVU informed the Minister that most households are in need of relief food, a situation he said has been caused by flash floods and dry spells in the last two farming seasons.

Mr SHANDAVU said the water level in Kafue River in Namwala is unprecedentedly low after the closure of the water gates in Itezhi-Tezhi district.

Mr NANJUWA has since assured the District Administration that his office will engage  Livestock and Water Development Ministers to resolve the water situation in Kafue River in Namwala District where the river is allegedly drying up and threatening survival
of the animals.

He also cautioned local authority against causing unnecessary delays in disbursing of Constituency Development Funds to beneficiaries.

He also urged the District administration and the local authority to work together to ensure utilization of CDF is expedited.

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