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I think people think we are mad or vengeful or just way way out of order. I agree we are all Zambians and we must forgive. But I’ve never heard anyone ask for forgiveness for these misdeeds. This man was treated like an animal and a criminal. If he was vengeful people would be in jail now but they are roaming free. Bena Emmanuel Mwamba even have the courage to dare him.. Yet he has left everyone go about their business.. Ask people like Romeo Lileko Kangombe who were bundled in police vans and taken to Chinsali from Sesheke accused of kidnapping a police officer. Ask them about Edgar Lungu and his friends. Yet today PF and UPND mingle freely.

If there was a formal apology, it would be awesome and good. Remember some people said when I win I will throw HH to rot in jail. Don’t let us pull up those stories.. Let’s not pretend like nothing happened and please fellow citizens be careful what you support. Innocent people died in PF times. Civil servants were fired and kicked out of government houses over night and left in the cold. People in the police and army were retired in National interest some just for having ‘suspicious names’ or coming from a certain region. Today you wana school us about one Zambia one Nation. Where were you when Edgar Lungu was busy abusing the public order act? Where were you whe Bowman and Kampyongo became semi gods.

Please bane…… let’s be truthful and factual and don’t bring in the we are mourning story. Imagine the government invited foreigners to a state funeral and kicked out their own just because they had opposing views. Please 🙏🏽 guys. Let’s all relax, these wounds are still fresh in the hearts of many who were wounded by the PF and Lungu’s brutal dictatorial regime…

The truth is Edgar Lungu was a good man, very good. But only to his friends, family, business associates and those who agreed with him…

I’ve never heard any apology from anyone in PF. Have you???

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