The Mine Workers Union of Zambia –MUZ- is urging the government to conduct a rigorous evaluation of the companies under consideration to take over Mopani to ensure that they are credible to manage the mining operations effectively.
One of the mining firms, Sibanye-Stillwater, which is reported to be among the three contenders vying to take over Mopani, recently announced its intentions to initiate discussions about retrenching over 4,000 workers in South Africa as part of the company’s restructuring efforts.
But MUZ President Joseph Chewe strongly objects to companies that support retrenchments and made it clear that such companies are not welcome in Zambia.
Mr Chewe says the government must learn from past mistakes to prevent a recurrence, particularly in light of the significant reduction in direct jobs in Zambia’s mining sector since privatization.
He emphasizes that the companies under consideration for taking over Mopani should meet certain criteria such as sufficient capital, have a clean record of not conducting retrenchments in their other operations, and commit to creating more employment opportunities for the local workforce while also fulfilling their responsibilities toward the host communities.

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