The Lusaka Resident Magistrate SYLVIA MUNYINYA has for the fourth time re-issued a bench warrant against former Presidential Political Advisor in the PF administration KAIZER ZULU

Magistrate MUNYINYA issued a fourth bench warrant today following Mr. ZULU’s inability to appear for trial again in a matter where he is charged with failure to surrender a diplomatic passport.

Mr. ZULU is also charged with failure to appear before the nearest immigration officer when he was on a trip outside Zambia.

Earlier, the arresting officer FRIDAY MALIMAUKAU told Magistrate MUNYINYA that the investigations team is still searching for Mr. ZULU.

Meanwhile, CHILUBI member of Parliament MULENGA FUBE who is one of the sureties assured Magistrate MUNYINYA that there is hope to trace Mr. ZULU.

On the other hand co-surety, MUNIR ZULU who is also LUMEZI Member of Parliament told the court he has engaged private investigators to track Mr. KAIZER ZULU.

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