Mpongwe Town Council is concerned with the low uptake of the 2.9 million Kwacha Constituency Development Fund -CDF – loans by residents in Chief MACHIYA’s chiefdom.

Mpongwe Council Social and Economic Planner CHABALA MULUNDU says despite Machiya being one of the largest chiefdoms in the district only six cooperatives applied for grants.

He said the local authority had reserved 1.9 million Kwacha in CDF grants but only six cooperatives from Chief Machiya applied.

Mr. MULUNDU is also disappointed that less than five individuals from the vast Machiya chiefdom had applied to be considered under the 2.9 Million Kwacha CDF loans component.

Mr. MULUNDU was speaking when a team of civic leaders called on chief Machiya at his palace in Mpongwe.

Mr. Mulundu disclosed that the Council has embarked on a sensitization campaign to engage chiefdoms for enhanced information on expanded CDF programs.

Meanwhile, Chief MACHIYA has asked Mpongwe Town Council to consider awarding CDF loans to individuals and entities with ideas aimed at creating employment to cushion on the alarming unemployment and poverty levels in his chiefdom.

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