Mpondela’s election as ZAA Chief Petitioned

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Katwishi Bwalya-Confusion in the Zambia Athletics Association has deepened after three ZAA affiliates petitioned the election the National Sports Council of Zambia to nullify the election of Elias Mpondela as President of the Association.

The three are Jonathan Chipalo, Christopher Manda and Anderson Katongo.
The three have argued that their names were removed from the from the ballot by people who were also candidates during the ZAA elections.
They have argued that there was no appeals committee to look at the issues of the aggrieved and such issues were handled by interested parties.
The three now want fresh election to be monitored by the national sports council.
The three have warned that should they not get a favourable response from the council they will go to court to get an injuction.
Representative of the aggrieved parties Christopher Manda has confirmed the development in an interview with ZNBC SPORT.

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