NALOLO Member of Parliament IMANGA WAMUNYIMA has distanced himself from a group of opposition lawmakers who are preparing an impeachment motion against Speaker of the National Assembly NELLY MUTTI.

Mr. WAMUNYIMA says his name was erroneously added to the list of Members of Parliament without his consent.

In a statement today, Mr. WAMUNYIMA says he does not believe in the impeachment motion and he will not support it that is why he did not sign the motion.

He has urged all those behind the motion not to include MPs who have not been consulted on the matter.

Nkana Member of Parliament BINWELL MPUNDU has so collected signatures of Members of Parliament, mostly from the opposition and independents with the view to raise a motion to  impeach the Speaker.

Charismatic Voice Christian Network Chairperson JOHN MWENDAPOLE says reports of the move by the opposition Patriotic Front PF to call for a motion to impeach the Speaker of the National Assembly NELLY MUTTI are uncalled for.

Dr. MWENDAPOLE has advised the PF to instead focus on putting its house in order and put an end to the internal wrangles.

He says Ms. MUTTI, as the first female speaker, should be respected.

Dr. MWENDAPOLE has told ZNBC News that it is obvious that some members of parliament from the opposition undermine the authority of the speaker and want to look like they are victimized.

He said Ms. MUTTI executes her duties diligently without favoring any person either from the ruling party or the opposition.

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