Bishop Dr Richard Kasanda

Now at Lystra a man sat who was unable to use his feet, for he was crippled from birth and had never walked. This man was LISTENING to Paul as he SPOKE, and Paul looked intently at him and SAW that he had faith to be HEALED.

And SAID with a loud voice, STAND UP ON YOUR FEET, and he JUMPED up and Began to walk. And the crowds, when they SAW what Paul had done, raised their voices, shouting in the Lycaonian language.THE gods have come down to us in human form.
Acts 14:8-12

We are created in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of God to FUNCTION and LIVE like GOD. There must be UNDENIABLE DNA of God in us. We carry the DIVINE NATURE of God. It must be VISIBLE in our SPEECH and in our ACTIONS.

The gods have COME DOWN to us in HUMAN FORM, that was the confession of the crowds when they SAW Paul do what only gods can do.

Two things we see in Paul’s actions;
He SAW the FAITH to heal in the eyes of the crippled. The first thing GOD touches when you become his child is SIGHT. Useless you are born again, you cannot SEE the Kingdom of God(John 3:3). Learn to see things from God’s LOVING EYES. What can I do to make a difference and to make things BETTER?

Secondly, is LANGUAGE. When the day of Pentecost had fully come, the disciples spoke with a new LANGUAGE. Learn to SPEAK only the FAITH LANGUAGE of God in every situation. Don’t say what God has not said. Speak the WORD in every situation and to every situation.

I said,You are GODS (Psalm 82:5) Exhibit the DNA of God in your SPEECH and in your SIGHT.

Stay lifted

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