Mopani Copper Mines PLC’s continued poor financial performance has compelled management to implement various cost-cutting measures, including the suspension of recruitments, promotions and workshops or seminars until further notice.
According to a notice to employees dated September 8, 2023, signed by Mopani Chief Executive Officer Charles Sakanya and obtained by Phoenix News, the company emphasizes that its financial performance has been unfavourable for some time, necessitating concerted efforts toward desired results.
Mr. Sakanya says all recruitments are suspended except for those critical to enhancing production, while all promotions are suspended except for those already in acting positions, who will continue in their roles, including earning acting allowances.
Mopani management has also halted workshops or seminars, particularly those requiring payment of participation fees, boarding and lodging arrangements, with all business travel now subject to close scrutiny and prior clearance by the general manager or chief officers.
Mr. Sakanya who says Mopani will only pay necessary and pre-approved overtime, has maintained the moratorium on leave days commutation, and has withdrawn all non-statutory cash incentives paid to departmental representatives for safety, quality assurance and environmental services.

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