Democratic Party President Harry Kalaba says monthly review cycle of petroleum products has disturbilised the planning culture not only among businesses but for ordinary citizens as well.
Featuring on the Hot Seat program today, Mr. Kalaba says the insistence by the government to review fuel prices on a monthly basis is causing constant anxiety among Zambians with prices of goods and services also increasing every month.
With the Energy Regulation Board expected to revise fuel prices this week, Mr. Kalaba said businesses are failing to plan because of monthly review of prices.
Energy Minister Peter Kapala recently said that government will not revert to the 60 days review cycle of petroleum products as it would compromise the principle of cost reflectivity and promote a buildup of fuel arrears and consequently reintroduce subsidies to the sector.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kalaba said government should have allowed drug suppliers to continue supplying medicines while a forensic audit is being undertaken to avoid drug shortages that are being experienced in the country.

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