Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

By Chaka Pius Zulu

I always say this, if someone did not directly say it, the likelihood of being misquoted are very high …as in the case of ECLs video….many will hear the message but few will understand and listen to his statement.

He did not say there is hypocrisy with the UPND but generally in the country, him inclusive, In other words, the late had flows, and good parts, but what matters is being able to amicably speak about good things, and maintain unity at the end of it all ….

In Zambia the level of misquoting and misinterpreting things is very high.
Simply what he’s saying is that if we said good things about RB his immunity couldn’t have stripped off and other things that were level against him.

Listening and comprehension was not just introduced in our syllabus for marking but to listen and get facts right.

I rest my case.


By editor

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