Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba is urging the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development to start deactivating dormant mining licenses that have been inactive for three years, as required under the Mines and Minerals Act.
According to government, just 2,900 out of the 6,953 mineral exploration licenses awarded in the country as of august 2022 are active for the 23, 154 regions covered.
Mr. Sinkamba tells Phoenix News that the large number of dormant licenses has likely prevented serious investors from investing because mining regions are occupied by owners for speculative motives.
The Green Party leader believes that the law should be used to free up some mining locations because it is established that an inactive license for three years must be cancelled to allow for those with resources to make them viable and contribute to economic growth.
He adds that Zambia is losing out on serious investments, citing the Mines and Minerals Act of 2008, which called for the cancellation of all licenses in order for people to re-appeal, but had loopholes that allowed individuals and entities to hold multiple licenses in the hopes of attracting partnerships from international investors.

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