Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

By Michael Kaluba

Mine Workers at NFCA in Chambeshi have rejected a K750 salary increment awarded to them by their employer as negotiations for the 2022 collective bargaining near an end with their demand of a K6500 salary increment not met.

The workers, some of whom spoke to Phoenix News anonymously, say they cannot accept a K750 this year after the mine did not give them any salary increment last year and are adamant that they want a K6, 500 salary increment.

But National Union of Miners and Allied Workers National Treasurer Saul Simujika says negotiations are still ongoing and that management has indicated that the K6, 500 is unattainable and instead has offered K750 citing operational challenges and lack of capacity to go further.

Mr. Simujika also disclosed that the unions are now negotiating for a K2000 after their members out rightly rejected the K750 offer saying it is too low.

He has disclosed that the union and the mine management are however scheduled to have a meeting today and tomorrow to discuss the matter further.

Last month, the Mineworkers Union of Zambia disclosed that only about 60 percent of the collective bargaining processes had been completed with most of the remaining 40 percent consisting Chinese Mining firms including NFCA while others are Konkola Copper Mines and Lubambe Copper Mines.

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