By Mwila Nsofu

Two hundred and fifty Jobs have so far been created at MIMBULA Mine on the Copperbelt.

KoBOLD Metal Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder KURT HOUSE says the mine in Zambia, is the most forward project.

Mr. HOUSE says the investors are moving full throttle to develop the mine, as fast and responsible as possible.

He says the Mine in ZAMBIA has so much material and a lot of investment is needed at the pit.

Speaking on CNN to JULIA CHATTERLEY and monitored by ZNBC News in LUSAKA, Mr. HOUSE said the overall returns on the mine will be good.

Meanwhile, Mr. HOUSE said with the newly discovered minerals such as copper, lithium, Cobalt and Nickel, the use of Artificial Intelligence to extract details on what is contained underground will help solve the climate change challenge.

Investors such as American Billionaire BILL GATES and Executive Chairman of Amazon JEFF BEZOS have invested in Kobold Metals.

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