President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has called on millers to charge a fair price on mealie meal.

The President says the government has intensified talks regarding the much needed fair pricing for mealie meal.

And President HICHILEMA says the government has intensified monitoring of those who could be smuggling mealie meal and maize into other countries.

He says the government will stop the vice.

Speaking in Kanyama township, the President said the call on the government to keep working towards the reduction of the cost of living is cardinal.

The President has, however, called on citizens to take keen interest in farming and also support the policy that a farmer must be paid well for the maize in order for them to be motivated to grow more and subsequently help push mealie meal prices down.

And, Mr. HICHILEMA has pledged to sink 38 boreholes in each ward of LUSAKA.

President HICHILEMA also thanked Kanyama residents for voting for the UPND Administration.

The President also challenged the business community to join in the initiative of providing water to communities .

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