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President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has appointed Mbala Member of Parliament NJAVWA SIMUTOWE as Luapula Province Minister.

President HICHILEMA has since tasked Mr. SIMUTOWE to ensure that only legal mining of minerals is conducted in the region.

The President says it is wrong that Luapula Province which is endowed with many precious minerals is one of the poorest provinces in the country

Speaking at State House this afternoon when he swore in Mr. SIMUTOWE, President HICHILEMA urged the Mbala lawmaker to involve himself in illegalities.

President HICHILEMA further directed Mr. SIMUTOWE to work with traditional leaders and other stakeholders to develop Luapula.

Meanwhile, President HICHILEMA has reiterated his call for the reform of the criminal justice system so that it disposes off cases without delay.

Speaking after he swore in Anti-Corruption Commission Deputy Director General MONICA MWANSA, President HICHILEMA said the ACC must work professionally and prosecute cases after thorough investigations.

President HICHILEMA said no case should be taken to court without sufficient evidence and investigations.

And Mr. SIMUTOWE told journalists that he will work with everyone in Luapula to promote development.

Mr. SIMUTOWE said Luapula has potential to develop and his role is to bring all stakeholders together and work as a team.

Meanwhile, Mrs. MWANSA said the nation will see a difference in how the ACC prosecutes corruption cases.

Mrs. MWANSA said the President’s on expediting court cases and professionalism will be followed religiously.

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