Mbala milk processing plant works stall

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Zanis-Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, NKANDU LUO has expressed shock at works on the Mbala milk processing plant that have stalled for the past two years.

Professor LUO has since summoned the contractor and warned that the law will take its course.

The Minister says the failure to complete the works by the Zambian contractor is a let down to the people of Mbala and the government.

Professor LUO was responding to Mbala Livestock Cooperative Chairman LAWRENCE KALIWANDA, who wanted to know the position of government on the stalled works.

Mr. KALIWANDA appealed to government to complete the infrastructure works because the milk processing plant will empower a lot of households in Mbala.

He said the delayed completion of the infrastructure has delayed the installation and operationalization of the equipment that is already at the plant.

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