Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Paul Katapazi, a Mazabuka resident and contractor has sent us a voice note and below is part of the verbatim:

Good morning, Mr Pandwe.

Yesterday I was a patient at Mazabuka General Hospital from about 22:00 Hours to past midnight – my BP was very high.

To my surprise, the hospital literally had nothing – no drugs.

The hospital had no syringes, no needles, no gloves, even plain paper to write on, there was nothing…and the hospital was so dirty.

People were being turned away, 23:00 Hours to go and look for needles and syringes!

You could even feel for the nurses because their lives were endangered because they had nothing to use.

Kindly look into this, because this is very serious.

Thank you.


✍️✍️(A detailed story with a reaction from the Health Authorities is coming up on Byta FM 90.3/100.3/101.9/)

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