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MMD president Nevers Mumba says the UPND must ensure that things that made PF fall are neither repeated nor entertained as the punishment would be the same.

He said the door to PF’s return to power remains effectively closed.

In his congratulatory message to the UPND over the victory in the Kabwata parliamentary by-election, Mumba notes that the victory affirms the type of Zambia people want.

“However, this mandate given to the UPND is not without cost. UPND must ensure that those things that made PF fall are neither repeated nor entertained as the punishment would be the same.

UPND must ensure the campaign promises to the people of Zambia are delivered and where there is a delay or failure, communicate with the people, as they are your bosses,” Mumba urged. “Zambians are decided to become the success story that Africa seeks to see and no politician or political party will stand in the way of their quest for greatness.

The outcome of the Kabwata by-election is a critical part of the new political dispensation we have been waiting for. MMD did not participate in this election, but the party made a conscious decision to fully support and endorse the UPND. Our partnership is historical as we share common values and aspirations for our country.”

He said the electoral victory of Andrew Tayengwa and the UPND underscores the decision Zambians made in August last year.

“A decision to choose a new path of governing ourselves based on a set of values of equitable justice, the rule of law, transparency and accountability in public finance and a democratic culture that works for all Zambians. This victory is for all Zambians,” Mumba said.

He said the victory confirms that Zambians are determined to start afresh and move forward in developing the nation.

“To forever depart from politics of disrespect for one another, insults, violence, public theft, corruption, hooliganism and hatred for those who do not belong to your group. Our colleagues in the PF showed us a side of our society which we did not even know existed.

A side which believed that you can insult and corrupt your way into power. A side which believed that political power exists for personal gain at the expense of the greater good of national unity,” Mumba noted. “Under our colleagues the PF, we learnt how to hate and kill one another.

We learnt how to glorify ignorance and reward incompetence. We learnt how to punish those who chose to live by the law and promote those who criminally disregarded the law.

We learnt that to be in power is to enjoy unlimited immunity against prosecution. Most of the arrests done after the last election could have been done before the elections, but this could not happen as our colleagues enjoyed a self-awarded immunity.”

He said the door to PF’s return to power remains effectively closed.

“The door to PF’s return to power remains effectively closed until such a time our colleagues decide to change both their language and conduct.

A time when they shall be bold enough to say sorry to the Zambian people. A time when they realise that Zambians have moved on to new politics of honesty, respect and honour,” Mumba said.

He congratulated President Hakainde Hichilema for creating a fresh conducive environment for free and fair elections.

Mumba further congratulated all parties and candidates who participated for enhancing the democratic credentials of the country.

“Congratulations to the New Hope MMD for your decision to support the UPND and for having put your boots on the ground to push for renewed politics of morality and integrity.

It’s now over to you Honourable Andrew Tayengwa to show us what you’ve got and deliver what you promised to the people of Kabwata,” said Mumba.

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