Malanji’s cheap, patronising behaviour


Joseph Malanji may think he means well by buying Copperbelt University students lunch, slaughtering cows for them and giving them mealie-meal, but upright people aren’t always going to view it that way.

This is the usual behaviour of Patriotic Front leaders. They have a knack for climbing up on their high horses while making you feel oh-so-small and unimportant.

No decent person would like that condescending attitude. But, take a minute to think about this: what if you’re coming off as that patronising person? Even worse, what if–gasp–you don’t even realise you’re doing it?

We are not big into scare tactics, but here’s the reality: we’re all only human, which means it’s easy to slide into some arrogant and superior habits every now and then.

But Malanji needs to realise that he is not an ordinary guy from the street donating to students attending a public university. He is a Cabinet minister – a part of the collective running government.

This being the case, the question arises, is this best the way for Malanji and his colleagues to run a public university? Can these lunches, cows and bags of mealie-meal solve the food problems of students at Copperbelt University? This is not the way to manage public universities and the country’s educational system.

This is very cheap patronage and way of seeking popularity and votes. Malanji is not seeking an end to the problems students are facing but simply trying to hoodwink them into supporting him and the Patriotic Front. But these students know “Don’t Kubeba”! They eat the lunch, the meat and mealie-meal and vote wisely.

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