(ZANIS) Lupososhi District Commissioner SIMON MWENYA says government will not hesitate to terminate contracts of those failing to provide services to the general citizenry, in line with the New Dawn administration’s social and economic transformation agenda.

Mr. MWENYA said this after residents of Matafwali village petitioned his office to facilitate infrastructure development in the area.

The residents have complained of stalled projects that are being implemented using CDF.

Speaking on behalf of the residents, senior village headman MATAFWALI explained that people want projects like the construction of a health post in the area to be completed.

Headman MATAFWALI has expressed displeasure that the construction of the health post in question is still at foundation level.

And in response Lupososhi District Commissioner SIMON MWENYA expressed shock at the development.

Mr. MWENYA explained that it was disheartening to see approved and funded projects remain unattended to, a development he said he will not condone in the district.

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