Lungu an embodiment of sin – Chewe


WHEN God looks at the President of Zambia he sees sin, Word Is Life Ministries evangelist Godfrey Bwalya Chewe has said.

Preaching to unpaid government retirees who have turned the Ministry of Justice in Lusaka their daily gathering place, Chewe said President Edgar Lungu was an embodiment of sin because of unfulfilled promises.

The group that gathered yesterday is part of 3,383 retirees still waiting for their money.

And Chewe’s father died while waiting for his benefits.

He said repentance meant a change of direction.

Chewe wondered why after the national day of prayer and fasting on October 18, government officials responsible for settling retirement packages had not resolved to pay the retirees their benefits.

“God is saying the President of Zambia must repent for the sin that he did not fulfil. If a man makes a vow he does not fulfill, it is considered as sin. When God looks at the President of Zambia, he sees sin,” Chewe said. “God is now looking at him to fulfil the vow. If you don’t fulfil a vow, it is an abomination before God. Repentance means a change of direction.”

He said it was not him speaking but the voice of God.

“As long as vow is not fulfilled, says the Word of God, hallelujah! This is not me, this is what the Word of God is saying. As a man makes a vow onto the Lord and they don’t fulfill that vow, it will be seen as sin on them,” he said.

Chewe said it was clear in the book of Numbers chapter 30 that “as the man vows into the Lord or swears as worth to bind the soul with the above, he shall do according to all that he proceeded out of his mouth.”

He warned Zambians to be careful with what they committed themselves to.

Chewe said if anyone who make a vow breaks it, according to the Word of God, he committed a sin.

“God is speaking to the President of the Republic of Zambia to do according to his vow that he will pay the retrenchees, that he will pay the former government employees. Because as long as he doesn’t pay you when he made that vow, sin will be on him,” he said.

And Council of Church in Zambia (CCZ) secretary general Fr Emmanuel Chikoya said there was need for answers to the problems the former government workers were facing as they had suffered for a long time.
He said the dignity of a human being was a primary object.

Fr Chikoya said when Jesus was being challenged, he responded with the clear focus.

He advised the retirees not to allow bitterness to overcome their focus in the pursuit of their benefits.

“We have come here to add our voice, to help you in prayer. You have suffered for a very long time now. Jesus died for you and me but we should be prayerful men and women with zeal and determination. Let us not allow anything that would would delay us,” said Fr. Chikoya.

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