Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

And he says:

  • The people who manage PF are the same guys who made us lose in 2021 and you expect new thinking just in 11 months?. Do you see growth in that? NO. The guys are still bitter with the loss.
  • I work for the people of Kantanshi not the Party. My duty is to worship the people of Kantanshi and give them develop, water and roads. So I work with the government of the day.
  • For our party to grow, we need to change leadership and mindset not holding on to the bitterness and pettiness we have now.
  • There is nothing wrong with buying The First Ladys portrait at K150,000. I have portraits for all First Ladies in Zambia and I even have that one for Former President Lungu which I bought at K50,000.
  • When i was independent MP, I once paid K120,000 at a PF dinner just for me and my wife to dance with President Lungu. Just to dance. Was that wrong? No it wasn’t.
  • Why should I defect, what does the constitution say when you defect? I have a constitutional mandate for 4yrs to lead the people of Kantanshi. So why should I defect?
  • PF leadership think I want to contest as Party President. Not now and not with such current PF leadership.
  • How can you develop your Constituency if you can’t work with the party in power? Who has the keys to the money?. If I want development, I will do it with the government in power.
  • There is need for us to genuinely rebrand as a party not just being loyal in church etc. We need serious thinking.
  • I don’t think buying a portrait would lead to my disciplinary committee.
  • I bought Mutinta’ potrait coz I want to understand how this woman managed to get married to this man who has now become the President.
  • I know PF is hurting and hating coz of thr nullifications going on.

I owe the people of Kantanshi not small minds of Pulling each other.


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