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President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA says Zambians should embrace government’s agenda of working in an orderly manner to deliver development.

He says some people in society cherish disorder and confusion compared to successful societies like China.

Speaking journalists at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka shortly after his arrival from China, President HICHILEMA said his trip was successful.

President HICHILEMA says his state visit to China has elevated relations with that country.

The President said his visit focused on areas of mutual interest to both countries for which Zambians would appreciate the benefit as Government is responding to the country’s needs item by item.

He added that the Government would transition focus systematically to addressing specific needs to attending to the challenges facing the citizens.

The head of state further called on citizens to remain patient because they will soon begin to see the value in what government is doing.

President HICHILEMA also urged citizens to embrace the culture of hard work and planning for future success.

He assured that his administration would stay the course and maintain focus on delivering to the citizens without being distracted by those seeking to digress the development agenda.

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