Let’s avoid lawlessness


It’s very sad that angry mobs in Lusaka are attacking and killing people suspected of being behind gassing incidents that have caused panic and unrest in the capital city.

The mobs have injured police officers, and damaged a police station and vehicles.
We urge the government and all our people to communicate rationally.
We call on all to show common sense and responsibility.

We urge all to desist from fuelling tension in the wake of the gassing attacks that have gripped the country in the last few weeks or so.

We are calling upon each one of us to desist from fuelling a climate of fear and confusion.
Our people have been deeply traumatised by these gassing attacks and criminal acts.

These attacks are generating suspicions that are resulting in vengeance and instant justice. People are taking the law into their own hands. This is dangerous lawlessness that we must not be tempted to condone.

No amount of anger, frustration and grievance can justify such acts of destruction and criminality.
There can be no excuse for the attacks on gassing suspects. These are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

There is no justification for lawlessness and destruction.
No stone should be left unturned in addressing criminal activity.

Where people act with criminal intent, irrespective of their grievances, the authorities should not hesitate to act to uphold the law and ensure order and stability.
With several fake videos, photographs and messages swirling on social media amid gassing fears, we call on all to act responsibly.

We must act responsibly and stop disseminating fake videos, photographs and messages, especially on social media, causing panic and putting lives in danger.

Let’s confront challenges directly and earnestly, not through lawlessness, but through calm and lawful ways.

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