Wed. Nov 30th, 2022


When Kenneth Kaunda left office he was called all sort of names and his dignity was ruined. Fast forward we regarded him a hero when he died. When Chiluba left office he was regarded corrupt and self seeking, his dignity crushed and ruined, when he died we called him the democracy champion.

When RB lost to PF, people even dressed dogs RBs party material and laughed at him when he cried during inauguration, when his immunity was removed people where excited and regretted having voted for him in 2008. After he has died, and with ECL having restored him immunity we embrace him as the President for all Zambians.

The day ECL will answer Gods call we shall hear people say “the humble leader who laid with humility”.

Our leaders may not be perfect, but let us reach the point where we become Zambians that still honor our leaders regardless their ills. The Western Countries honor their leaders and safeguard their legacy either alive or dead. We don’t become better by dehumanizing another, evil will not bring out evil.

President HH is not perfect he will error, just as many Presidents before him have done, but that does not make him less of a leader. If our mischiefs behind the curtain where unveiled to the public we would all be of public shame. Let us honor our leaders.

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