By Paul Shalala

State House has advised the opposition Patriotic Front not to drag the name of President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA into their internal party affairs.

State House Chief Communication Specialist CLAYSON HAMASAKA says President HICHILEMA has no interest in a party which he defeated with a landslide victory in 2021.

In a statement issued to ZNBC News , Mr. HAMASAKA has advised senior PF leader EMMANUEL MWAMBA not to drag the President’s name in internal party matters.

Mr. HAMASAKA says even the call by Mr. MWAMBA for mass protests will not make sense because PF was overwhelmingly rejected in the last general elections.

He adds that the PF only held a genuine convention in 2011 before the general elections and the rest have been selections where democracy was not followed.

Mr. HAMASAKA says what is currently happening in PF is nothing new as the former ruling party is known for elections where people with more violence win.

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