Kitwe Court Throws Out FAZ Preliminary Issue

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By Paul Shalala

The Kitwe High Court has thrown out a preliminary issue which the Football Association of Zambia –FAZ raised in a matter where former FAZ Vice President Richard Kazala has cited the association for contempt of court.

Kazala has dragged FAZ, its President Andrew Kamanga and Secretary General Adrian Kashala for not enforcing previous court orders.

But when the matter came up, FAZ through its lawyers Mando and Pasi Advocates raised a preliminary issue arguing that the matter was not properly before court, without an order.

FAZ further argued that the respondents cannot be subject of proceedings because they are officers of a registered society.

But in dismissing the application, Kitwe High Court Judge-In-Charge Timothy Katanekwa said he was not going to grant the application because it was not a proper matter for which an order can be employed.

Justice Katanekwa further said with the dismissal of the preliminary issue, the application for contempt by Kazala now proceeds.

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